Monday, March 2, 2015

Pregnant. Now What?

Those three words were exactly what I typed in Google moments after we learned we were expecting.

Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a surprise as we had been "trying" (don't you hate that term?) for the last three months. I mean I had researched the best apps to get, been tracking all of those lovely things you need to track ( you know what I am talking about ladies) and religiously jumping all over every small symptom that came up. I burped! I normally don't burp, could that mean something? I have a headache, I must be pregnant! As many of you know, it will drive you mad! So, after all of the non-stop late night googling and tracking we finally got what we wanted, now what?

Well, it's funny what comes next, you think you should be doing all these crazy things like you were when you were trying but you don't. Of course yes there are the foods you can and can't eat and drink, getting plenty of rest, exercising etc. but seriously besides my glass of wine and sushi binge nothing changed, for two weeks until I wanted to die. I'll get to that fun post next time.

In the meantime I pinned all sorts of healthy smoothies (think lots of green) and best foods for a growing baby and cut out my daily cup of delicious coffee, kept up with my prenantals (again, see next post when I lose it) and I felt like a new person. So excited to be giving my unborn child what it needed to grow and be healthy. I researched the best apps for "expecting mom's" and "pregnancy" and  booked my 8 week appointment. Things were going just swell, until week 6.