Friday, February 11, 2011


As you may know, I am not partial to many animal print styles. Only this type. But, for some strange reason or another I love zebra print. Not as part of my wardrobe but in home decor. Check this ah-mazing staircase out. I die.
found via apartment therapy

Drooling over...

Gold Capiz Hanging Lamp
Found via the (chloe) conspiracy. I need this, have to have it. Right now. Although I am not sure where in my itsy-bitsy 500 square foot apartment it will go. Whatever- that is beside the point. Someone please send, STAT. xo

Let your love shine.

This is one trend I hoped right on board with. How adorable is the idea of wearing your own or your boys (in my case my pup), initial in a pretty little glowing letter around your neck? Goes with everything and great for the layered trend. I’m starting to think I need to order another one for the boy’s initial.

Mini Letters Gold Vermeil Script

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anthro obsession.

 Um, in case you didn’t already know I am slightly obsessed with Anthropologie. We have a  love hate relationship. I love, love their  clothing but hate how expensive it is. My budget (if you want to call it that, I’d say more my overall mentality), does not allow me to purchase $188 sweaters. Therefore hence love, hate. So I continuously stalk the site for my favorite items to go on sale. Which, I have to admit they do, a lot. If you are an addict like me, check out Effortless Anthropologie. This gal does it for us, reviews stuff that comes in and lets us know when those $200 sweaters go on sale for a much more, “ I can explain this” purchase. 

Now, a few pieces on my "go on sale now" list (try to keep the drool to a minimum ladies!):

Emerging Leaves Dress
Gathering Blossoms Top
Winged Blouson (yes, I am obsessed with animal- contuniously printed tops, not to be confused with animal print!)
Paint-Box Blouse ( how cute with cutoff's in the spring?!?)
Starfish Cuff (obsessed, will not pay $200, sale please. Thank you.)
Jade Drops Braclet (love, and not bad @ $58!)

What to wear to a winter wedding?

This year will be first winter wedding I will attend (and hopefully the last!). Ha, I only say this because I am racking my brain on  what the heck I am going to wear???!?

Tights or no tights?
Dark or bright colors?
Short or long?
Coat or Shawl?
The questions are endless…

So, after about 3 months of searching here are my options. I still cannot decide if “tightless” is the way to go! What do you think?

Galaxy Jersey Sequin Dress

Fireburst Dress (on Sale!!)

Viscose Jersey Dress

Shake Things Up

Dream a Little Gleam
 I know, a lot of black, I decided the bright colors should wait for Spring. Trust me, it was a tough call.

Love is in the air...

Valentine's day is right around the corner. I know, an overrated "Hallmark" holiday, but still why not have fun with it? Typically the boy and I do not do gifts, just a card or a small gift here and there, but I came across adorable artwork via green Wedding shoes and fell in love. So many cute choices and all very affordable! Such a cute idea to tell the one you love just how much you do forver :)

Hot Pink.

With these freezing temps lately I splurged and got a pair of hot pick wedges for spring. I mean, I need something fun to look forward to, right? These pink wedges are from Sperry Top-Sider, the Jeffery collection. I ahave never been a boat shoe kind of gal, but when I saw these I had to have them. Patent Leather and pink, what more could I ask for?!Typically I am not a pink fan, as I have read somewhere, “pink is for little girls and it should stay that way.” I found it both hysterical and correct, but my friends there are times when a splash of “little girl” makes everyone happy. Especially when it comes to shoes. Did I mention they were HOT PINK!?