Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the bedroom...

In 2 months and 1 week I am moving into my (I should say our) new apartment with my boyfriend. I am super excited to be starting my "adult" life and I am now on the hunt for super cute pieces to buy for the place. We just bought this couch from West Elm. We had been looking for a couple months and decided to head to the store in downtown Boston to check in out, as in literally lie down on it to make sure we could see ourselves spending countless hours watching Dexter.

So we got the couch above in brown. We ended up buying two and a ottoman. One was just too small and I like to sprawl out as much as possible.Its great- the back cushions are not attached so you can change them around anyway you want- its like having a new couch every time! It's actually the size of a full twin bed- perfect for a last minute sleepover or a very comfy movie night! Oh did I forget to mention, we bought floor models?? 60% off every piece- what is better than that!?

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