Monday, November 22, 2010

NYC trip

After the longest week of my life we were set to head to NYC for the weekend to visit friends who were in town. New York City has never been somewhere I dream about going. I am more of a small city girl (hence why I live in Boston). Don't get my wrong, I, of course love all things fashion so it is always tempting but by Sunday I could not wait to get out! We opted for the Bolt Bus so we could save some money instead of spending over $300 on Amtrak! My first time on a bus to the city proved to be ok. It was quiet, skewed an age group right around ours, mid-late 20's, some 30ish peeps. It was a long trip, but fairly quiet. Once we arrived we quickly navigated our way through the city to our friend's apartment on the west side of Mid-town ( god, I sound like I know what I am talking about!). Let's just say finding that apartment was not as easy as it sounds! Anyways we rushed to get ready as my cousins were waiting for us at a bar by Penn Station, called Stout. It was a fairly quiet bar, some good music playing the background, we had a nice little seated area to ourselves. We caught up had a few drinks and they all headed home fairly early, as they had to catch trains out of the city. We stayed, drank more and decided to order the Chicken burger with guacamole (such a good idea for a burger!) and delicious hand cut fries! Yum.

On Saturday we had a good breakfast at a local diner then headed into Times Square for a drink before the Rock of Ages show.  The hotel had a surprising swanky bar with a Ahmazing view!

The show was actually pretty good, funny, great music (of course!) and maybe just a tad too long, but overall still good for someone who is not a musical- type of person! The remainder of the weekend included a filling dinner and some late-night dancing!

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