Thursday, February 10, 2011

What to wear to a winter wedding?

This year will be first winter wedding I will attend (and hopefully the last!). Ha, I only say this because I am racking my brain on  what the heck I am going to wear???!?

Tights or no tights?
Dark or bright colors?
Short or long?
Coat or Shawl?
The questions are endless…

So, after about 3 months of searching here are my options. I still cannot decide if “tightless” is the way to go! What do you think?

Galaxy Jersey Sequin Dress

Fireburst Dress (on Sale!!)

Viscose Jersey Dress

Shake Things Up

Dream a Little Gleam
 I know, a lot of black, I decided the bright colors should wait for Spring. Trust me, it was a tough call.

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