Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anthro obsession.

 Um, in case you didn’t already know I am slightly obsessed with Anthropologie. We have a  love hate relationship. I love, love their  clothing but hate how expensive it is. My budget (if you want to call it that, I’d say more my overall mentality), does not allow me to purchase $188 sweaters. Therefore hence love, hate. So I continuously stalk the site for my favorite items to go on sale. Which, I have to admit they do, a lot. If you are an addict like me, check out Effortless Anthropologie. This gal does it for us, reviews stuff that comes in and lets us know when those $200 sweaters go on sale for a much more, “ I can explain this” purchase. 

Now, a few pieces on my "go on sale now" list (try to keep the drool to a minimum ladies!):

Emerging Leaves Dress
Gathering Blossoms Top
Winged Blouson (yes, I am obsessed with animal- contuniously printed tops, not to be confused with animal print!)
Paint-Box Blouse ( how cute with cutoff's in the spring?!?)
Starfish Cuff (obsessed, will not pay $200, sale please. Thank you.)
Jade Drops Braclet (love, and not bad @ $58!)

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