Monday, August 10, 2015

A Touch of Modern

So you've seen my "vintage" feel in the nursery but I still need to show you the modern look I am adding. At first I wanted all vintage and found this beautiful antique "looking" crib from Bratt Decor, that makes beautiful wrought iron cribs. It was a bit above my price range, slightly too girly and I the worrier in me was scared she would bang her head too hard on the posts, after much research there hasn't ever been a case reported of this, but to ease my mind and wallet we opted for the Babyletto Lolly Crib in Gray. Isn't she pretty?

The final piece needed? The perfect rocking chair, as I hear those nights of getting a newborn to sleep can be rough the first few months. Of course function is important but as you get to know me pretty trumps everything. At first I went directly to Pottery Barn and picked a $1,000 plus ottoman and rocker in the perfect gray. I soon realized NO ONE was going to buy this for us except us and there was no way my frugal husband would pony up $1K for a chair (We know it's not just a chair, but you know guys). So, I searched high and low for something functional yet pretty and I found this

Could the gray's and wood not match any more perfectly?! I die. 

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