Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stylish Maternity Clothes

I can't tell you how many people told me, "Oh, you are so lucky they make cute maternity clothes now!". So naturally I was all excited walking into Motherhood Maternity at 13 weeks pregnant. Yes, they do make some really cute stuff, but they fail to tell you if you want Rachel Zoe's gold zipped black skinny pants you have to spend $100. In which I would be ok with if I could wear them again! So I cried to myself and bought a $20 tank top that I could of got at Old Navy. Luckily my wardrobe is a lot of flowy, loose fitting items so I honestly can still wear shirts at 33 weeks that I did not pregnant. Pants are another story. I caved and bought a couple of Pea in the Pod skinny jeans, which I love in white and dark wash as well as some great workout pants. I found some great basics, black and gray work pants, cute dresses and tanks at the Motherhood outlet store for much more reasonable prices. Besides that I honestly am still wearing non maternity maxi's and tops I owned already. A few basics I suggest every pregnant mama needs are below.

1. A good pair of black pants.  Elastic waist will be cozy till about week 28-30ish then you are going to want a full panel because you cannot sit down.

Gap has some great options, I live in these.

2. Jeans, as mentioned above.

4. Long tanks & T's if preggo in the summer. You can get these at target, old navy or a maternity store, Spendid makes cozy things like the below. They need to be long so they will last throughout your pregnancy. 

Happy Shopping! Don't fret, but week 30 you will hate everything and want to wear your old clothes and refuse to buy anything else. It's normal, at lest that is what I keep telling myself as I stare down at my horrible outfit I want to set on fire.

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